Cooking is the focus of these food-themed manga, whether the characters within attend a Culinary School, work in a Restaurant or are simply passionate home cooks. These manga may offer step-by-step Recipes for various dishes or plating techniques. Is there anything manga can't make look cool? Mangas not only makes you ridiculously hungry, but it makes cooking insanely dramatic and awesome. For this poll we're ranking the best cooking anime of all time, as voted on by manga readers like you. What are some good manga that you would recommend to others? There are obvious titles like Shokugeki no Soma, but what are some other great manga about cooking? Help us determine the greatest cooking manga by voting up your favorite titles, and downvoting any that you've read and didn't like. This list includes both new manga, and older manga . Did we forget to include your favorite title? Add your top manga to the list, so that others can vote for your top pick as well. Remember, don't downvote anything if you haven't actually read it!